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Family Therapy

How you may be feeling

We all have our own unique personalities; our own views, needs & limitations. It’s these differences that can often make relationships so challenging, & that cause conflicts & misunderstandings.

These experiences are never easy, but they can be particularly distressing when they occur in families. Our family form our psychological foundation, our anchor point in the world & so when rifts occur in these relationships, we can feel totally cast adrift.

Problems can arise between family members for a variety of different reasons & oftentimes the roots are so complex that outside help is required to unpick them.

This is where Family Therapy comes in . . .

How we can help

Much like in Relationship Therapy, you will each be given the space to talk about your experiences, your feelings & your understanding of the problems that have arisen in your family.

Your therapist will support you to speak clearly with each other. Helping you to understand each other’s points of view & encouraging each individual within the family unit to think openly about what it is they need in order to move forward.

You’ll be encouraged to give each other the space necessary to do this & to try to respect each other’s position, as difficult as that may be. Although, this can be a very challenging process, it is invariably a cathartic one that can provide immense relief to everyone involved.

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Further information about Family Therapy

Therapists who offer this service

Elizabeth – Senior Accredited Therapist

You can find out more about Elizabeth on our team page.

Hourly Fees

The first session is half price & charged at £45 per hour

Every session thereafter is charged at £90 per hour