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Psychological Services

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Trauma can have a devastating impact upon every aspect of a person’s life & without timely action in the form of appropriate therapeutic intervention the aftereffects can linger for the order of years.

Our psychologists at The Clearing offer impartial expert assessment reports, along with evidence based therapeutic interventions to support the psychological rehabilitation of clients following traumatic events.

Such events include, though they are not limited to, personal injury, clinical negligence, RTAs & work place bullying & harassment.

How we can help

Psychological services at The Clearing are efficient & cost-effective. We aim to meet with your client for assessment within seven days of referral & we issue most reports on the same day of interview.

Our experienced psychologists are all registered with the HCPC.  We follow the guidelines set out in the rehabilitation code of best practice (2007) & are keeping up to date with the current changes in civil procedure rules.

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Further information about Psychological Services

Assessment Reports

Our expert psychological assessment reports allow you to gauge the psychological impact that traumatic events have had upon your client, so that appropriate, evidence based treatment can be arranged promptly.  Our reports are tailored to suit both the needs of the client & you, the referrer.  Generally they take three forms

  1. Concise reports
  2. Comprehensive reports
  3. Comprehensive reports plus review of previous reports and/or medical records
  1. Concise reports

Here we meet with your client for approximately 30 minutes.  Brief psychometric measures are taken as part of this interview & a short report is compiled giving an overview of the client’s psychological symptoms, the estimated causative role that the index incident has played & our recommendations for future treatment.

Generally the report will be returned to you on the same day of interview & certainly no later than two working days after interview

Our fee for these reports is £120, which is based on 45 minutes for interview & 45 minutes for report writing

  1. Comprehensive reports

For more complex cases we will meet with your client for a one hour interview.  During this time we will conduct a range of in-depth psychometric assessments & will take a full history. From this interview we will compose a detailed report which covers all areas of impact & takes into consideration historical factors, current contributing factors & client coping mechanisms, when determining the causative role played by the index event & the appropriate course of treatment.  Client motivation & potential barriers to treatment are also discussed.

Generally the report will be returned to you on the same day of interview & certainly no later than two working days after interview.

Our fee for these reports is £180

  1. Comprehensive reports plus review of previous reports and / or medical records

In addition to the detailed information covered in a comprehensive report, here salient information from previous reports and medical records is presented & discussed

The total time required to complete these reports will depend upon the amount of previous material to review. Our hourly rate is £80. To obtain an estimate of the the time taken to complete your report, please contact Dr Lewis with the details of your requirements at

These reports are generally returned within five working days from the time of interview.

Evidence Based Therapeutic Interventions

Our psychologists are all trained in CBT.  This is the therapeutic approach recommended by NICE for treating all of the major mental health issues that can arise as a result of traumatic events, namely PTSD, depression, anxiety & adjustment disorders.

We aim to meet with your client for their first session within 7 days of referral & on a weekly basis thereafter. Appointments last 1 hour & our fee is £80 per treatment session.

We are based at an easily accessible, central location in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne & we offer both evening & weekend appointments to fit around your clients’ schedules.