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Elsie Owen


Having always had an interest in people & a real curiosity about why we do what we do, Elsie first began exploring the world of psychology at A-Level. The theories that this exposed her to prompted some deep self-reflection which in turn encouraged her to access counselling for herself.

Despite an initial specific focus on symptoms of anxiety, Elsie found that therapy could offer her so much more & to her surprise, it evolved into a process of immense self discovery, acceptance & change.

Elsie was overwhelmed by the benefits of this process & found that it had such a huge impact on her quality of life that she wanted to share it with others by training to be a psychotherapist herself.

Although she originally wanted to study psychology, Elsie attended the University of Brighton to study education and found, after a short period, that this wasn’t the right career for her.

Elsie made the difficult decision, with the support of her therapist, to leave university and threw herself into work within both the fields of graphic design and marketing. Shortly after this, she eventually found her way back to her original passion, when she completed a short counselling course at The Minster Centre in London.

In September 2016, Elsie commenced her training at the Northern Guild for Counselling and Psychotherapy and began working with clients as soon as was possible; she has now been in practice for almost 4 years and has recently met requirements for accreditation.

During her training, Elsie worked as a counsellor for The Toby Henderson Trust where she offered open-ended, depth therapy & successfully helped clients who were experiencing a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, relationship issues & trauma.

Alongside this, Elsie gained further experience in a general mental health charity, where she offered brief therapy to people who were referred by the NHS.

Elsie qualified as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in May 2019 and having worked full-time as a therapist since, gained accredited status in October 2020.

She’s also concurrently nearing the end of a Diploma in Psychotherapy, with only the latter parts of the requirements left to complete.

She hopes to become a qualified Psychotherapist in November 2021.

More about Elsie

Elsie is a UKCP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor. She trained at the Northern Guild for psychotherapy, which is one of the leading training institutes in the region.

She is a relational therapist who will tune in to you & your story to determine what it is you need from therapy in order to achieve your goals.

Elsie’s core training is in Transactional Analysis & this forms the theoretical framework for the therapy that she offers. Elsie integrates this theory with ideas & tools from the person-centred, creative & attachment based approaches.

Although she is relatively new to the work, she is a highly skilled counsellor who has a depth of understanding & a natural ability far beyond her training level.

Elsie favours longer term therapy & most of her experience has been in working with people over a number of months or years to really understand the root of their problems, so as to create lasting, positive transformation.

She enjoys allowing for the process to develop naturally & in a way that reflects the individual. With Elsie you will be allowed the freedom to truly follow your own process; discovering your authentic self & implementing the changes that you seek at your own pace & in your own way, which really is the key to true, long lasting healing.

Elsie says…

“Meeting a therapist for the first time can be daunting & I will do all I can to help you to feel comfortable when we meet. It’s really important to me that you feel safe & in control throughout the entire counselling process.

Initially, we will take some time to get to know one another to identify what approach is right for you. Think of my role as being to support you, as we both start learning more about you, your story & the challenges you are facing.

From here, we will continue to work together to explore the roots of your difficulties.

I will highlight the patterns of behaviour that I notice, feelings I sense you might be experiencing & anything that I feel may have relevance in helping you to overcome the problems at hand & to find your best way forward”

Elsie & the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you to The Clearing.

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