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Kathy Stewart


Originally from Poland, at 18 Kathy started work as a croupier in a local casino to support herself through college. To Kathy’s surprise this Saturday job was to open up many exciting doors for her & she spent 13 years in the casino business.

During this time she worked across Eastern Europe & spent periods living in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria & Russia. She had opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, all of whom taught her something about what it is to be human & helped broaden her world view.

Alongside this work, Kathy continued in her studies. Having always been interested in human behaviour & philosophy she found herself initially drawn to a degree in marketing studies.

As marketing centres upon understanding why we buy what we buy, this degree programme involved 2 years of psychology training & gave Kathy her first introduction to the field. On achieving qualification, Kathy moved into advertising, where she worked for 23 years, helping brands find the best ways to reach & communicate with their customers.

Though she loved her job, as she hit mid life Kathy began thinking more about her place in the World & the contribution she wanted to make. Supporting others had always been really important to Kathy & as she became increasingly aware of the problems caused by our disconnectedness – from each other & from ourselves – she started looking for a way that she could help.

This search led Kathy to train as a psychotherapist at The Northern Guild for Psychotherapy. She knew that she was a good listener & that she was often the person who friends & family members looked to for guidance, so becoming a therapist seemed like a natural way for her to help people to reconnect.

From her first training session, Kathy recalls feeling overwhelmed by enthusiasm for the subject & this energy has yet to wane. Since finding this path she has trained in a breadth of therapeutic approaches such as Transactional Analysis, guided visualisation, CBT & NLP & EMDR. Kathy has completed both a diploma & Masters degree in psychotherapy & she has recently achieved her certificate in clinical supervision.

Kathy has a wealth of clinical experience. She has worked as a therapist for many years as part of the mental health charity, Mind & for the NHS within a secondary care outpatients ward.

She also has experience in offering online therapy with the TASHA foundation.

Over the years Kathy has supported her clients to address & to overcome a wide range of emotional health issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, grief & addiction.

More about Kathy

Kathy is an integrative clinical psychotherapist schooled in Transactional Analysis, CBT, NLP, Gestalt, person centred, psychodynamic & creative therapies. She draws from these approaches to offer you a unique therapy that is shaped to suit your specific needs.

Kathy is accredited with the UKCP & holds a wealth of experience in working therapeutically with both young people & adults. She is a relational therapist who’ll put you at the heart of the process, attuning herself to you & your situation & doing all that she can to help.

With warmth, compassion & gentle humour Kathy will support you to open up, tell your story & get to the roots of what it is that’s troubling you. She is a skilled & approachable practitioner with whom you can feel confident that you are in very good hands.

Kathy is bilingual & is able to offer therapy in Polish.

Kathy says…

“Sometimes our thoughts & emotions can feel too much for us to deal with. We may feel vulnerable, lost, torn or stuck, & find ourselves in need of help. Counselling allows us to gain an understanding of ourselves & creates a path towards positive change.

For me, therapy should always be empowering. I’ve absolute faith that the answers that you are seeking live within you. My role is simply to help you to find them.

This process of self-discovery can seem alien at the start. Very few of us have ever been encouraged, nor had the time to stop to reflect on who we are & why we do the things that we do. I use TA to give you an instantly understandable structure through which you can begin thinking about how you think & why it is you feel the way that you do.

The more we understand ourselves & what it is that has brought us to this point, the more we are able to offer ourselves a bit of compassion & the lighter our loads become. Though the process at times can be challenging, the results really can be liberating & change our lives for the better.

I’ll be there to guide you through the ups & through the downs. I offer you an open & honest therapeutic relationship where you can be totally free to speak your mind no matter how difficult your truth might be. For I believe that it is only when we can be truly real that long term healing becomes possible.”

Kathy & the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you to The Clearing.

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