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Leila Laghmouchi


Leila has been interested in understanding how we are all shaped by our experiences for as long as she can remember. As a sensitive & emotionally in tune child, Leila recalls thinking that there seemed to be a lot of very unhappy people around & she wanted to know why.

While studying sociology, ethics & religion in college Leila was struck by the level of distress & emotional discomfort that she witnessed in her peers & for this reason in 2004, she started volunteering with young people who were affected by mental health issues.

This piqued her interest in the field & she has since worked in many roles across the social care sector. In this time Leila has assisted women on probation, male ex-offenders, survivors of childhood trauma & of sexual abuse & people who have been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

In 2009 Leila began her training in counselling. She completed a Diploma in Counselling Skills in 2012, before going on to achieve a Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling in 2014.

Throughout her studies Leila felt a particular affinity with psychodynamic therapy & psychoanalysis & so once she’d achieved her qualification, she enrolled upon a foundation course in Group Analysis at the Institute of Group Analysis. This gave Leila a greater understanding of how we relate with each other, as well as the ways our family & cultural backgrounds can impact on the relationships that we have & the choices that we make.

Throughout her training, Leila took part in intensive personal therapy, in a group setting for two years & individually for five years thereafter. These personal experiences of therapy have cemented Leila’s belief in its value & its life changing capacity.

Since qualifying as a counsellor Leila has gained a wide range of therapeutic experience working with both individuals & groups. She’s supported people facing all manner of general mental health issues, as well as those struggling with incredibly complex presentations.

Over the years, Leila has furthered her training & her education. She achieved a Certificate in Supervision with the Northern Guild in 2014 & has recently done an honours degree in Counselling at the University of Sunderland.


More about Leila

Leila is a senior qualified therapist who’s trained in person centred counselling, psychodynamic psychotherapy & group analysis.

She is registered with the BACP & is working at the moment, towards her accreditation.

Leila is deep & thoughtful in her nature. She has an astute therapeutic instinct & is able to support her clients to really get to the roots of the issues they’re facing. Leila is an experienced practitioner who has particular interest in working with trauma & EUPD.

Leila’s wisdom & experience of working with highly complex issues mean that with her you can be sure you are in really good hands. Leila will guide you in the process, expertly tuning in to your story to help you to understand why you feel & behave as you do. From this understanding change can be achieved.

Leila says…

“Life can be really difficult & the experiences that we have may inhibit us from doing the things we want to do, or becoming who it is we want to be. Despite this, we mostly manage to muddle through doing more or less OK & doing the best that we can with the emotional resources that we have.

Sometimes however, life can throw us something so upsetting that we are left feeling derailed & unsure how to cope. In spite of all our best efforts, we feel stuck & although we want change, we do not know where, or how to begin. In these times, the relief of being listened to without judgement is incredible.

In some instances that in itself can be enough, but for many of us we need more & we realise that it is time to really start thinking about the roots of what is making us so unhappy & how it is we want things to change.

This kind of reflection is what I’ll encourage in you. Together we will be curious & analytical; exploring your past experiences & how they’ve shaped you. In this way we will figure out your patterns of relating, both to others & to yourself. From here we can think about what you want from the next part of your life & how you can achieve your goals.

This process is often challenging & it can be painful at times, but it really is well worth it. In knowing & in understanding ourselves, we are liberated from the past & are able to take charge of the future”

Leila & the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you to The Clearing.

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