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Choosing the right therapist

What matters most?

Starting counselling for the first time can be really anxiety provoking & trying to figure out who to choose can further add to this stress.

With multiple job titles, training avenues & therapeutic approaches to choose from, finding the right therapist for you can feel like a minefield.

Here we’ll try to help.

The first thing to be aware of is that counselling is really very different to other healthcare professions. Where in other arenas the treatment is something that is done to the patient- the surgery undertaken, the pill given; counselling is an interaction between you & your therapist.

The process hinges on a good, strong therapeutic relationship with your counsellor & healing occurs through that relationship.

Diagnoses are also far less important in counselling. This is because there is no one way to tackle a given diagnosis that will suit everybody.

Symptoms that form a person’s diagnosis have evolved as a result of that individual’s specific life experiences & situation.

Therapy therefore focuses in on the unique context & causes of your suffering in order to help you to find your way forward.

So, whilst a therapist may have a lot of experience in working with the mental health issue that you are facing, they are not an expert in you.

The most important thing is that you find a therapist who you feel comfortable talking openly with, who is able to connect to you & your story & who will shape your therapy accordingly. A counsellor with whom you feel heard & understood.

The key to successful therapy is a good relationship between you & your therapist, so before booking in do check out our therapist profiles to see who you feel most drawn to.

The half price consultation then is an opportunity for you to meet with this therapist to find out if there is a good fit between you.


What do the practitioner levels mean?

At The Clearing we set very high standards for all of our therapists. It is of utmost importance to us that you have a really positive experience of therapy here So no matter which counsellor you choose you can be sure that you’ll be met with warmth, sensitivity & respect.

Our five practitioner levels are an indication of each counsellor’s level of training, their particular training route & their breadth of experience.

Qualified Therapists

Our Qualified Therapists have completed the basic professional training required to attain qualification as a counsellor & register with one of the governing bodies (the BACP, UKCP or BABCP). This academic study is to either diploma or degree level, however some of our Qualified Therapists have also gone on to complete Masters degrees.

Senior Qualified Therapists

Our Senior Qualified Therapists have completed the basic training & have a minimum of two years post-qualifying clinical experience. Promotion to a Senior Qualified level at The Clearing is based on a proven record of consistent professionalism, warmth, skill & successful clinical outcomes. These therapists have all achieved academic qualifications up to Masters degree level & beyond.

Accredited Therapists

Following obtaining their professional qualifications our Accredited Therapists have gone on to achieve accreditation with one of the following professional bodies, the BACP, UKCP or BABCP. This means that they have proven – through professional references, as well as their own written work – that they meet this professional body’s standards of practice & that they have completed at least 450 therapeutic hours post-qualification. They’ve all undertaken academic training to at least Masters degree level.

Senior Accredited Therapists

Our Senior Accredited Therapists have completed the aforementioned accreditation process with the BACP, UKCP or BABCP & have at least 15 years post-qualifying experience as a counsellor.


Our psychologists are fully qualified & are registered with the HCPC & chartered with the BPS. Holding this protected professional title means that they’ve completed an honours degree or post-graduate diploma in psychology & have then undertaken the 3 year doctoral training programme in counselling psychology.

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