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Self help

Taking care of your emotional health is a holistic process. What might work for some people, may not necessarily work for everyone. So it’s really important to try things out for size, to see what fits you.

Here are some of our suggestions of ways you might help yourself to start feeling calmer, more confident & uplifted.

We hope that you will find some ideas in this section that will make a real difference to your life.


For thousands of years meditation has been a great way to improve emotional health, by reducing stress & anxiety levels. In this hectic world, meditation teaches us to quieten our minds, paying attention to what flits in & out of our thoughts in an accepting way.

Book a massage

With our to do lists being as long as they are, it can be difficult to make time for yourself. A relaxing massage, facial, or aromatherapy treatment can make a remarkable difference to the way that we feel. It’s a great physical way to release stress & emotional tension.

Read a good book

Self help books can support us to think a little differently about our troubles & as a result change the way that we feel. Coming soon in our ‘Books we like’ section, we'll be putting together a selection of truly inspiring literature to help you to turn the corner.

Get creative

Creating something with your hands can be a meditative experience. Whether you are playing music, cooking a lovely meal, sculpting something out of clay, or just knitting a woolly jumper. These kind of activities serve to both clear your mind & soothe your soul.

Try yoga

Yoga is not only a great exercise, but is also a great way to relax, clear your head & centre yourself, through it's focus on the breath. It is suitable for people of all ages & fitness levels & once you’ve got the hang of the postures, you can easily do yoga in your own home.

Eating well

What we eat & drink greatly affects how we feel. A diet that is high in fat, sugars & artificial chemicals, can leave us feeling low, tired & sluggish. By replacing this kind of food with a more natural & healthy diet, you'll be amazed by the improvement in your energy levels & mood.

Dance around

Dancing can really lift your spirits & is definitely good for the soul. It gives our endorphins a boost & can also be used to express emotion & release tension. Even if you're no longer a clubber, draw the curtains, put your favourite tune on & give it a go – it'll feel good.

Get out into nature

Getting out of the city provides an escape from the hustle & bustle of life. The countryside or coast is a great place to go to clear your mind & release stress. Even stepping away from the computer to take some deep breaths outside & look up at the sky can make an enormous difference.


Raising your heart rate for 30 minutes, by going for a run, bike ride, or a swim etc., has been scientifically proven to boost our happy hormones. It can also give us a physical release for emotional tension, stress & anger. It really does make us feel a whole lot better.