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Relationship Therapy

How you may be feeling

Relationships are important to all of us & while they can be the source of the greatest joy in our life, they can also be the source of the greatest pain.

Every relationship has its ups & downs but at times, the downs can bring us to a place where we reach an impasse & become stuck in either a conflict or a cold war. Maybe you have taken one another for granted & have stopped talking about anything but the practicalities of life & therefore you’ve lost touch.

Perhaps one of you has had an affair & you’re trying to repair the damage.  Perhaps life together is not how it once was, or how you had expected it to be & you’re unsure what on Earth happened. Whatever issues have arisen between you, talking it through with the help of an impartial professional can help you to clear the air.

This is where Relationship Therapy comes in . . .

How we can help

Relationship therapy can encourage you to start communicating with each other in ways that are constructive (because arguing rarely is).

Your therapist will support you to actually listen to each other, inviting you both to share your thoughts on & personal experiences within the relationship & encouraging you to shift the focus from that of one-upmanship & blame, to the goal of seeking to really understand each other.

Individual sessions might be offered as part of the process to help you to better understand yourself. Once the roots of the issues have been explored, strategies & homework tasks may be discussed to support your mutual understanding, & ultimately your reconnection. In this way, things start to feel much less personal & therefore less heated, & from this calmer position you can find out what the best way forward for you both is going to be.

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What can relationship therapy help with?

Relationship therapy can be useful in addressing any issue that can arise between two people, in any type of relationship or partnership.

Below is a list of some of the more common issues that people seek help with:

  • General Conflict
  • Loss of Sexual Intimacy
  • Emotional Disconnection
  • Infidelity & Betrayal

Therapists who offer this service

Elizabeth  – Senior Accredited Therapist

Annette, Jade & Joanne – Senior Qualified Therapists

Please visit our team page for more information about these therapists.

Hourly Fees

Your first session is half price with us (shown in brackets)

An extra £10 is charged per hour for Relationship Therapy

(£45) £90 with Elizabeth

(£37.50) £75 with Annette

(£35) £70 with Jade, Joanne & Sharon


Further information about Relationship Therapy

All relationships go through difficult times & in this fast paced world, it is so easy for us to become disconnected from the people who are most important to us.  Relationship therapy offers you a way to reconnect & to work through the problems that have arisen between you & your loved one in a safe, non-judgmental & unbiased environment.

It may sound strange, but it is often the case that one of the hardest things to do in an established relationship is to really listen to what our loved one is saying.  This is because we are often personally invested in them either seeing things, or feeling, a certain way.  All too easily we put our own spin on their words, mistakenly take offence because of an earlier upset that we didn’t address with them at the time, or skirt over what they’ve said because we worry that if we stay with it, we may be ultimately blamed for how it is they are feeling.  And so the distance between us grows.

Therapy can help to bridge this gap.  You’ll be encouraged to think honestly & openly about your relationship: the joys & the pains, what works for you, what doesn’t & what you both need to happen, so that things between you can improve.

Your therapist is there to help you to communicate clearly & to mediate where disagreements arise. In doing so, you can reach a deeper understanding of each other, learning why you both respond in the ways that you do & how to better navigate the areas of conflict. Through this process it is possible to find a way forward that respects each person’s feelings & needs.

There is often the misconception that relationship therapy is just about helping couples to stay together. This is not always the case.  The goal of relationship therapy is to help you to find the best way forward for both of you & in circumstances where the best thing to do is to separate, relationship therapy can be used to help you to do so in the most amicable & healthy way possible.