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Annette Christie


Annette’s academic background is in Philosophy. She began her studies with an Honours degree in Philosophy at the University of Durham, where she was particularly drawn to aesthetics & metaphysics.

She furthered her studies at Durham with a Masters degree in the Philosophy of Music. Whilst she loved this subject, Annette felt unfulfilled in academia & her heart drew her to work directly with people.

On graduation therefore, Annette commenced a course in teacher training. After spending some time in education however, she found that she was increasingly disillusioned with the emphasis on academic achievement over emotional wellbeing & became frustrated that she did not have more time to spend with the students who needed support.

It was at this point that she decided to train as a counsellor.

Annette went on to complete a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling at the Northern Guild for Psychotherapy. Her training placement was at a GP surgery, where she had the opportunity to support people to overcome a wide range of emotional health issues.

On qualification she was hired by the Guild as an Intern Therapist offering brief psychotherapy, using TA, CBT & creative techniques to help clients to get the most out of their time.

In 2015 she began working for the charity, Mind, across three diverse projects. Here she has worked as a Student Counsellor at a Further Education College, a Rapid Response Counsellor for a suicide prevention service & a Primary Care Counsellor.

This breadth of clinical experience has supported Annette in really honing her counselling skills, & was a key factor in our decision to invite her to join the team at The Clearing.

More about Annette

Annette is a qualified therapeutic counsellor. She is an incredibly creative person & she draws upon this creativity in her therapeutic work to support you in your healing process.

Annette utilises the Jungian techniques of visual imagery, metaphor & the sand tray to help you to access those areas of experience that lie outside of conscious awareness.

Annette’s gentle manner & ability to attune herself to her clients will ensure that you always feel met & understood. She is a thoughtful person with real depths, who will help you to get to the core of the issues so that long lasting change can be achieved.

Annette says

“Sometimes just having space to get in touch with how we feel can bring clarity & a sense of wellbeing. It is important to me that you feel as comfortable as possible when you begin counselling.

I will offer you a therapeutic space that’s friendly & supportive & we will go at your own pace. As an integrative counsellor, I’ll choose a method to suit you, whether you are predominantly cognitive, emotional, practical or creative.

I am trained to work psychodynamically, with an emphasis on the ways in which we relate to others & to ourselves. This approach is particularly useful if you are looking to address negative relationship patterns, or difficulties in managing your emotions.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with however, therapy is a powerful way to develop an awareness & understanding about yourself & your experiences. Difficult experiences can restrict us, limiting our ability to move forward in a healthy & positive way. I’m here to help you move on to new possibilities.”

Annette & the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you to The Clearing.

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