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What we can offer you

Here at The Clearing we take huge pride in what we do. We believe that our work as therapists, although largely undervalued by the powers that be, is in fact vital in today’s hectic, over-stimulated & emotionally disconnected World.

Supporting our fellow counsellors to do their work well, to develop & grow, & to fulfil their potential, is therefore something that is close to our hearts. We do this by offering you both clinical supervision & continuing professional development training & experiential opportunities.

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How we work

We’re trained in a range of therapeutic approaches, from the person centred & psychodynamic schools to TA & CBT. We offer our supervisees & trainees the opportunity to develop a grounding in all of these approaches.

Whilst we do see great value in here & now, solution focused techniques, we’ll always seek to help you to deepen your practice alongside this, because in our experience it is the combination of here & now tools with deeper explorations of the issues that leads to long lasting change for clients.

You’ll learn to unpick unconscious messages in the therapeutic relationship, dreams & metaphors.


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